dreambox_message 1.7


Small App wich can be used to send a message/caller id to your Dreambox Sat receiver. The message/caller id is shown on your TV. This works if your dreambox and phone are
connected to your home network.

It can be useful to inform your children to come into the kitchen because dinner is ready ...
Also it could be some fun and a surprise for your family
and friends.

CLIP function: (also known as caller id)
(Calling Line Information Presentation)
If an incoming phone call arrives the incoming phone
number and name(if stored on phone) is displayed on
your TV as a popup.

Dreambox Setting: Http-Authentification must be switched off

The configuration setting of dreambox IP is stored when
you first time end the app(cancel pressed). This may be needed to work in combination with the CLIP function.

Is is also possible to store a port number when
your dreambox web service is not runnning at default
port 80 ( just write IP:Portnumber ).

If there is some interest in this App it will be enhanced to
display other textual information of your choice.

The App was successfully tested with an Enigma 1 based device. Enigma 2 based devices should work (Feedback is welcomed)

Last Updated:2011-09-18 17:55:11
File size:0.1MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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